About me…


I’m Dana.  I give a damn about connection, expansion, courage, adventure, integrity and understanding.  I am positively crazy in love with seeing my clients discover or remember their own truth.  Guiding folks to live in union with their body, mind and spirit, is why I’m here.   I have lived through and survived indoctrination of a fundamental religion and culture. After lots of unlearning and acceptance, I am now as free as I desire to be in every way.  I am devoted to accepting my ever changing identities, and to leading the way for others in their desire to be Enough.  I’m not afraid of the dark, in fact I believe it is just as important as the light. I will show up for you, and meet you right where you are.

Background in Industry

As the oldest of 4 kids in a boisterous, big family, I’ve been practicing my leadership skills since 1979 when my first sister was born. (I’m guessing she see’s it a tad different!)  I began working with teens in churches and camps during college.  Once finished with my BA in Collaborative Health and Human Services in 2004 (California State University Monterey Bay), I worked as a social worker for several years serving people living with substance dependency and mental illness.  In 2017, after completing Life Coach Certification through Mentor Masterclass, the virtual doors opened for Dana Bolt Barber Coaching.  And, upon completing Breathwork certification by David Elliott in 2019, I was able to add my favorite thing (Breathwork) to my practice!   I am an active member in my community and am passionate about healing and wellness being accessible to all. 

Fun Facts:

  • I love gardening.  And… My garden is usually an accurate reflection of where my head/heart/body is at. 
  • I am courageous and ready to help others unlearn their destructive patterns and thoughts.
  • Being outside with my family, playing games, eating/cooking good food and laughing with my people is my jam. 
  • I’m 6 feet tall without shoes on. Nope!  I do not play basketball or volleyball.  Or… Any sportsball really, but I will be your biggest fan, if you want to play! 
  • I come from a long line of powerful women who were also cussers.  
  • I have been unlearning dualistic/binary thinking and living for over 20 years and still don’t have it all figured out..
  • I love Grey’s Anatomy, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.  I am committed to the duration.  
  • A few of my favorite bands/musicians are:  Sylvan Esso, Blind Pilot, Maggie Rogers, Patty Griffin… And since I’m not good at lying, I will never not love the smooth and familiar voices of Amy Grant or Karen Carpenter.